Trippy, Poppy, Funky, Loopy

Underpup is a New York City based trio that plays melodic, sometimes droning, always scrappy rock music.

The band was birthed when singer-guitarist Terry returned to NYC feeling younger and more adventurous than when he left. Where he was coming back from isn’t important to the story but suffice it to say his experiences left him with a wealth of songs - most of them inspired by classic rock, pop, soul and the DIY bands of the 80’s.

Drummer Dave’s style can best be characterized by his refusal to ever approach a backbeat too directly. He’s responsible for the quirky idiosyncrasies sprinkled throughout the tunes. He’s also the band’s resident intellectual - equally comfortable discussing jazz, world history, literature and episodes of ‘Firefly’ and 60’s sitcoms.

Bassist Maureen offsets Terry’s pretty chords with proto-thump. A film-maker who cringes at some of Terry’s musical influences, she keeps the proceedings honest, angular and interesting. Once the quiet one, Mo is coming into her own lately as recent rehearsal jams reflect a more balanced input from all three musicians. She’s also beginning to sing Dave’s collage-rendered lyrics. They’re looking forward to playing the new material live real soon. Stay tuned.